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CTSpedia started as a pilot project initiated in 2007 at UCSF. The project was initiated to form an information resource created by researchers for researchers in clinical and translational science to share valuable knowledge amongst local researchers. In the spring of 2008, CTSpedia was presented to the national CTSA’s Biostatistics/Epidemiology/Research Design (BERD) Online Resources and Education taskforce as a vehicle for driving progress in the task force's goals to identify and share resources across the national consortium and community of researchers world-wide. Since then, with the support of the national BERD consortia, the project obtained funding and support from the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) to expand the scope and content of CTSpedia and foster collaboration amongst CTSAs.

The CTSpedia is truly a collaborative project with leadership rotating between UCSF (Peter Bacchetti) 2007-2009, University of Rochester (Sally Thurston) 2009-2011, and UC Davis (Laurel Beckett) 2011-2012. As well as participating in all CTSpedia activities and guidance, Vanderbilt (Frank Harrell) maintains the server and oversees all Foswiki technical updates.

A Mission Statement for CTSpedia.org

CTSpedia was created as a national effort to collect wisdom, tools, educational materials, and other items useful for clinical and translational researchers and to provide timely and useful advice to clinical and translational researchers with specific problems.

CTSpedia.org Goals
The main goal of CTSpedia.org is to create a definable academic home on the internet for the discipline of clinical and translational sciences across the country and the world.

  1. While the CTSA consortium serves the onsite physical level of the institutions involved, CTSpedia.org seeks to fill the gaps where the network is lacking, and to augment that network as the central hub for the peer to peer sharing of knowledge and resources.
  2. While the CTSA national scope comes to fruition, the international scope of the consortia is more readily facilitated with an online resource like CTSpedia.
  3. Utilizing the collaborative nature of the wiki-style website, CTSpedia.org allows for researchers anywhere in the world to ask questions and receive answers and related information in a timely and efficient manner, overcoming the logistical issues of distance and scheduling.
  4. The streamlined availability of an online resource and knowledge repository will aid in addressing common issues that arise in clinical research, which will filter out consultation requests for general questions, allowing for CTSA consultants to address more specific issues.

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