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Contributing Safety Graphics

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Instructions for Contributing Safety Graphics

Add Title at the top of the page and within the form.

NOTE: Be sure to SAVE the page before ADDING attachments.

Step 1 - Create a Graphic

1 - Please add individual graphics using the SafetyGraphicsForm

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Step 2 - Topic Page with the Form

2 - An auto-numbered topic page with the form will open. Add the Title at the top of the page and in the form.


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Step 3 - Form Fields

3 - Click on "edit" on the top of the form next to SafetyGraphicsForm. (The first time you add a new graphic this form will open automatically for editing.) Be sure to always go to the bottom and "Save" your work after you have added a title and other information. DO NOT attach any documents before first saving.

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3A - Top of the Form

3A - Complete information in the cells, except for Image. (We will attach the image later.)

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3B - Datasets, Classification, and Special Considerations

3B -


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3C - Data

3C - Fill out information. Mark if Code is available.


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Step 4 - Add Attachments

SAVE all work that entered into the form and then begin attaching other documents. See AttachmentsLinking

4B - Code Attachments

Naming Your Files: Last name of contributor_Description of Text File_Document text belongs to
e.g. Gordon_Code_Figure1

Uploading attachments: - Add attachment URL and then name attachment.

VIEWING CODE - As noted above: 1 - You can click on name in the attachment field to open code 2 - You can also cut and paste code directly into the form. (User can cut and paste the code into their work.)


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