Directions for Uploading Rscripts

Lead Author(s): Sally Thurston, PhD

Steps to upload and document a macro (here: R macro):

Go to appropriate site (Rscripts, called R/Splus macros)

Click edit

Click "create a new topic" (I did not allow non-wiki words) - this is name of script (summarize) For the topic, put "Rscript" (pulled this from the list). Save.

Go back to edit, copy the URL.

Highlight the name of script (summarize) Click button that looks like infinity (it will say insert/edit link when hover over it)

Under "link URL" box, control-V to paste the URL that was copied above Insert Save

Got to page that was just created

Click on "add form" - should have form for macro name, description, etc.

Can edit, then get out.

Click on "attach", and attach R script, also example file. NOTE: Click on "do not show attachment in Table" and on "Create a link"