Instructions for Completing ECG Vitals Safety Graphics Form

You will note that many fields are the same on the Individual Graphics Form, the LFT Safety Graphics Form, and the Adverse Events Form. The Instructions for Completing Individual Graphics Form are particularly helpful for attaching images and code.

Top of Topic Page - Add Title

Please add the Title both at the top of the page and in the form.

Completing Clinical Questions Answered Fields

Please choose all clinical questions answered in this graph:
  1. What are the longitudinal trends in the data?
  2. Are there outlier individuals that have large changes or raw values?
  3. How do the different QT correction compare w.r.t relationship with RR?
  4. How do individuals' values track over time?
  5. What is the relationship to drug concentration?

Reference Images and Enlargement of Reference Images

We need two images to use the Lightbox Plugin, which gives the reader the opportunity to enlarge a smaller image.