Instructions for Completing Residency Project Form

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Step 1 - Completing Top of Summary Residency Project Form

To add your residency project information information, click on Add SummaryResidencyProject###. (Note: As you are editing the form, if you hover your mouse above the cell descriptor on the left, you will see further instructions for completing the field.)

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1) Give the name of your project.
2) Give your name and contact information.
3) Check the name of your department.
4) Give your mentor's name and contact information.
5) Check the name of your mentor's department.

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Step 2 - Year One Preparing Your Project

The details in Step 2 will help you to gather the information that you will need to complete your Expedited IRB application.

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1-1) Provide an abstract for your project. (Do not worry you will add and update this information throughout the three years.)
1-2) Provide at least three articles that are an example of the research that you will be doing.
1-3) Provide the hypothesis that you will be testing.

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Year 1 - Project Details

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1-4) Type of Study: Mark whether this is a Medical Records Review, Database Abstraction, or Other. (If other, describe the Type of Study.)
1-5) When you close the document, you can click on ResidencyYearOne and get copies of the IRB Expedited Review form, instructions for completing the Expedited Review form, guidance on Medical Records Review, guidance on the waiver for informed consent, and Davis clinical research training programs.
1-6) Select date that you expect to submit your IRB application.
1-7) Check Study Classification: case control, cohort, cross-sectional, or not applicable. (More information on Study Classification can be found .....)
1-8) Mark the data sourced: EMR (electronic medical records only), Chart Review (reviewing paper charts only), EMR + Chart Review (using both EMR and paper charts), Registry (using a registry or database e.g. Cancer Registry), Laboratory Data (using laboratory test data), Other (please describe).
1-9) Select Type of Data: nominal, interval, categorical, ordinal, ratio/continuous, qualitative. (More information on Type of Data can be found at....)
1-10) Year One: Study Preparation - Fill out this table at the top of the page:
Year - One Study Preparation
Type of Study (Links) | Describe Subjects | Describe Comparisons | Associations |

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Step 3 - Year Two Data Collection

During Year Two you will collect the data for your Project.

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2-1) Data Collection: Describe how you are planning to collect your data. (More information can be found at ......)
2-2) List Variables: Describe the variables that you will be collecting. (More information can be found at ....)
2-3) Year Two: Data Collection - Fill out this table at the top of the page:
Year Two - Data Collection
Variable | Naming (Links) | Type of Variable: Independent, Dependent | Data: Categorical, Nominal, Ordinal | Coding |