Name Type Size Values Tooltip message
CTSpedia Area radio 3 Statitistical Tools, Statistical Graphics, Datasets, Interactive Tools, BERD Success Story, Educational Materials, Reproducible Research, Other (Description below) Mark the section that needs assistance.
CTSpedia Area - Other text 25   Describe other area.
Single or Multiple Projects radio 3 Single, Multiple Mark whether you will need many contributions or a single contribution.
Title of Project text 40   Provide a title for your project
Type of Help Needed radio 5 Slides, Code, Graphics, Sample Analysis Plans, Review, Test, Other (Description below) Mark the type of help needed.
Type of Help Needed-Other text 25   Describe other help needed.
Type of Code Needed checkbox 5 R, SAS, Stata, Other (Description below) Mark the type of code needed.
Type of Code Needed-Other text 25   Describe other code needed.
Contact-Name and Email text 25   Name and email contact of the individual needing assistance.
Affiliate radio 6 Academic/Educational-CTSA Member, Academic/Educational-Non-CTSA Member, Government, Industry, other Please mark the description of your organization.
Links text 40   Provide URL within CTSpedia or outside CTSpedia for more project information.
Educational Background of Support checkbox 5 Graduate level, Post-graduate, Faculty, Practicing Professionals, Community Mark the educational background needed to help with this project.
Number of Times Needed radio 4 Once, Weekly, Monthly, Every six months Mark the approximate number of times that the contribution will be needed.
Approximate Number of Hours radio 4 Not known, 1 - 2, 3 -10, >10 hours Mark the approximate number of hours the project will take.
Further Details textarea 80x10   Add any further details about the project.
Disclaimer label 80x10 The views expressed within CTSpedia are those of the author and must not be taken to represent policy or guidance on the behalf of any organization or institution with which the author is affiliated.