Optional Case Study Suggestions

Case Study Synopsis (Please describe the case.)

Key Ethical Principles (Choose the Key Ethical Principles: Privacy, Confidentiality, Scientific Integrity, Human Participant Protection, Public Good, Fairness, Other)

Identify Aspects of the Case (Identify whether there are compliance, regulatory, or legal aspects to this case.)

Identify the Stakeholders (Who are the stakeholders: Researchers, Research Trainee, Human Participants, Institutions, other?)

Identify the Options (What are the options for stakeholder actions?)

Identify Potential Consequences (Identify the potential consequences, e.g. physical harms, legal, financial, etc.)

Role Reporting (What is the role of reporting and accountability?)

Stakeholders Should (What would you do as anyone of the stakeholders?)

What Actually Happened (What actually happened, if applicable?)

Suggested Systems or Laws (Are there systems, processes, regulations, or laws that can be created or changed to avoid similar problems going forward?)

Supporting Materials (Attach supporting materials: Videos, images, tables, graphs, slides, papers, etc.)