Year Two - Paul

Paul's IRB proposal has been approved and the next step is for him to acquire the data. With the aid of an informatician, Paul will obtain the data of interest from the EMR. This can be a lengthy process and has many pitfalls. It is important for Paul to understand the many issues involved in acquiring data from Electronic Medical Records, which include but are not limited to:

Now that Paul has dealt with the above issues, he needs to get his data set into an analyzable form. To do this he brings his data into an excel spreadsheet such that each row corresponds to one subject and each column corresponds to one variable. Along with this spreadsheet, Paul prepares a codebook which describes what the variable in each column stands for, how it's measured, and the possible values that it can take on. He also notes how missing values are notated in the data set. Lastly, Paul removes any patient identifiers before sending the data to the statistician.

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