CTSpedia Reference Form

Name Type Size Values Tooltip message
Title text 40   Provide the title of the reference.
Author text 40   Provide the author(s) of the reference.
Year text 20   Provide the publication year for the reference.
Journal text 40   Provide the name of the journal.
Volume text 20   Provide the volume of the reference.
Issue text 20   Provide the issue of the reference.
Pages text 20   Provide the pages of the reference.
Publisher text 40   Provide the publisher of the reference.
Link_for_PDF_for_Education text 40   Link for PDF for education project.
Link for Open Access text 40   Provide the link for the Open Access article.
DOI text 40   Provide the doi for the reference.
Link for DOI text 40   Provide the link with the doi.
Web_Access_Paper text 40   Provide the URL for the paper.
Contributed_by text 20   Provide contributor's wiki name; or name and/or email.
Commentary textarea 80x20   Provide a summary or commentary of the article.
Additional_Information text 40   Provide any additional information.
Reference_Subject checkbox 4 General_CTSpedia, Online_Journal_Club, Statistical_Tools, Statistical_Graphics, CR_Education, Residency_Education, Medical_Records_Review, CR_Data Collection, Content_of_Interest, Reproducible_Research, Biostat_Ethics, Adaptive_Design, Comparative_Effectiveness_Research, Mark all that apply.
Online_Journal_Club_Meeting radio 4 Meeting 1, Meeting 2, Meeting 3, Meeting 4, NA If this is an Online Journal Club reference, please mark meeting.
Online_Journal_Club_Meeting_Extra radio 4 Meeting 1, Meeting 2, Meeting 3, Meeting 4 If this is extra material for an Online Journal Club Meeting, please mark meeting.
Disclaimer label 80x10 The views expressed within CTSpedia are those of the author and must not be taken to represent policy or guidance on the behalf of any organization or institution with which the author is affiliated.  

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