Yes, my organization promotes use of statistical graphics in clinical development.

Your Organization YES: how is it encouraged and by which department/group?
Academia Testing question 1 - YES

Industry It is encouraged but only minimally and in limited settings. Interpretation of data still seems to be primarily done from tabular displays. The exceptions are where a manager or the reporting statistician has a passion for graphics.
Industry Graphics are utilized both in clincal study reports (ISS, CSR etc) as well as within safety review processes. However, graphics are limited to fairly basic format and grayscale within the study reports. Within safety, they can be more in depth and colorful.
However, over all, the graphics utilized are very basic. Programming, biostats, safety, PK, PD, pre clinical development are departments I am aware of that use graphics.
FDA My organization provides some limited promotion of statistical graphics. Some individuals serve as informal resources for people interested in developing graphics, and some contribute to formal and informal collaborative efforts, such as the CTSPedia project. However, there is no emphasis on the use of statistical graphics and little in the way of training and support.
Industry By including in key documents and especially in key presentations to regulatory authorities.

Encouraged by statistical and clinical groups.
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