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Profile Plot: Mean QTc by Time and Treatment Rich Anziano (richard.anziano@pharmetheus.com)
Max Cherny (Max.2.Cherny@gsk.com)
QTc_Profiles_r200.png ClinECGGraph001
QT Correction Comparison R.J. Anziano, (richard.anziano@pharmetheus.com) DRAFT_Comparison_QT_200.png ClinECGGraph002
Change from Baseline by Baseline: Categorical QTc Analysis Rich Anziano (richard.anziano@pharmetheus.com)
Max Cherny (Max.2.Cherny@gsk.com)
3_Baseline_QTc_hr1_200.png ClinECGGraph000
Depicting Phase 2 Efficacy Results Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) DepictingPhaseTwo_Referemce_200.jpg StatGraphTopic004
Forest Plot of Hazard Ratios by Patient Subgroups Sanjay Matange (email: Sanjay.Matange@sas.com) Matange_ForestPlot_Pocock_200.png ClinAEGraph001
P-risk (Risk Difference) Plot of Treatment Emergent Adverse Events at PT Level Qi Jiang (email: Qjiang@amgen.com)
SAS code contributed by Haijun Ma and Jun Wei
Jiang_AE_Risk_200.png ClinAEGraph003
Heat map max.2.cherny@gsk.com
Sanjay Matange (email: Sanjay.Matange@sas.com)
Cherny_GGPLOT_Benefit_Risk_200.png SafetyGraphicsTopic000
Dotplot of Primary SOC Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov)
Sanjay Matange (email: Sanjay.Matange@sas.com)
DotplotSOC_reference_200.png StatGraphTopic005
Most Frequent On-Therapy AE Sorted by Risk Difference FrankHarrell Figure11_AE_200.png ClinAEGraph000
Frequency Plot of the Change from Baseline in Alanine Aminotransferase by Visit Robert Gordon (rgordon2@its.jnj.com) Gordon_FreqPlot_200.png ClinLFTGraph009
EG QTc Longitudinal Trend jianminlong@merck.com Long_QTc_longitudinal_200.png SafetyGraphicsTopic001
Individual QTc display A. Paredes, Antonio.Paredes@fda.hhs.gov
Max Cherny: Max2Cherny@gsk.com
Cherny_Rplot2_200.png ClinECGGraph003
Lab Shift Plots: Baseline versus Maximum Susan Duke (susan.p.duke@gsk.com)
Max Cherny (Max.2.Cherny@gsk.com)
Cherny_t2t_200.png ClinLFTGraph002
Time to AE Occurrence Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov)
Max Cherny (Max.2.Cherny@gsk.com)
Cherny_time_event_200.png ClinAEGraph002
Scatter Plot of Maximum Transaminase versus Maximum Total Bilirubin Robert Gordon (rgordon2@its.jnj.com) MaxBilirubin_200.png ClinLFTGraph000
Cumulative Incidence for Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT): Elevations > 3 Times the Upper Limit of Normal Robert Gordon (rgordon2@its.jnj.com) GordonCumulIncidencePlot_200.png ClinLFTGraph006
Line Plot Examples fabrice.bancken@novartis.com<fabrice.bancken@novartis.com>; Bancken_LinePlotExample1_200.png LinePlotExamples
Liver Test Safety Panel Over Time, Baseline vs. On-study Robert Gordon (rgordon2@its.jnj.com)
Gordon_LiverTestSafety_200.png ClinLFTGraph008
Systolic Blood Pressure (Main Profiles) Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) VSsbp_Reference_200.png StatGraphTopic016
Mean (and Mean Difference) of ALT (Alanine Aminotransferase) by Treatment : Profile Over Time Robert Gordon (rgordon2@its.jnj.com) Fig1_MeanALT_200.jpg ClinLFTGraph001
Time Course of Lab Test Values, Individual Subject Robert Gordon (rgordon2@its.jnj.com) Gordon_TimeCourseTest_200.png ClinLFTGraph004
Liver Function Tests by Trial Day: At Risk Subjects Robert Gordon (rgordon2@its.jnj.com) Gordon_LFTTrialDay_200.png ClinLFTGraph005
Lab Parameter Shift Plots, Baseline vs. Study Robert Gordon (rgordon2@its.jnj.com) Gordon_Shift_Plot_200.png ClinLFTGraph003
Distribution of Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) by Time and Treatment Robert Gordon (rgordon2@its.jnj.com)
Gordon_Distribution_ALT_200.png ClinLFTGraph007
Boxplot of Two Treatment Groups Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) boxplotbasic_200.jpg StatGraphTopic000
Summary of All EG Parameters Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) EGall_Reference_200.png StatGraphTopic015
Sensitivity Analysis of Missing Data Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) misspersp_reference_200.jpg StatGraphTopic014
Scatterplot w/ Density and Smoothed Regression Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) scatterdensity_reference_200.jpg StatGraphTopic013
Local Reactions over Time Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) local_reference_200.png StatGraphTopic010
Reports by SOC Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) ReportsBySOC_referemce_200.jpg StatGraphTopic011
Scatterplot Conditioned on Race Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) scattertrellis_reference_200.jpg StatGraphTopic012
HPA Axis Suppression Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) HPAaxis_Reference_200.jpg StatGraphTopic002
Efficacy of T4N5 The Lancet Data - Code Expands Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) LancetEfficacy_reference_200.jpg StatGraphTopic009
Efficacy by Subgroup Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) plottable_referemce_200.jpg StatGraphTopic008
Efficacy Across Sites Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) efficacybysite_Referemce_200.jpg StatGraphTopic007
Diagnostic Plot of Linear Model Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) lmplot_reference_200.png StatGraphTopic006
Basic Survival Plot Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) survplotRMS_200.jpg StatGraphTopic001
Data Density of Two Treatment Groups Mat Soukup (email: Mat.Soukup@fda.hhs.gov) density_reference_200.jpg StatGraphTopic003
Vital Signs: Postural Change by Time and Treatment Rich Anziano (Richard.J.Anziano@Pfizer.com) vitals_postural_Reference_200.jpg StatGraphTopic020
Vital Signs: Mean Change by Time and Treatment Rich Anziano (Richard.J.Anziano@Pfizer.com) vitals_mean_Reference_200.jpg StatGraphTopic021
Relationship Between Risk Difference and P-value for Adverse Events by Preferred Term/System Organ Class   Figure10_AE_200.png AdverseEventsClinicalQuestionTopic009
Dotplot of Relationship between AE Proportion in Treatment v Placebo QiJiang Figure9_AE_200.png AdverseEventsClinicalQuestionTopic008
Dotplot of Relationship between AE Proportion in Treatment v Placebo QiJiang Figure8_AE_200.png AdverseEventsClinicalQuestionTopic007
Risk Over Time Plot for Adverse Event QiJiang Figure7_AE_200.png AdverseEventsClinicalQuestionTopic006
Distribution of Days on Study to AE Onset for Subjects with AE QiJiang Figure6_AE_200.png AdverseEventsClinicalQuestionTopic005
Summary of Safety Subjects Exposure by Treatment QiJiang Figure5_AE_200.png AdverseEventsClinicalQuestionTopic004
Forest Plot of AE by Preferred Term QiJiang Figure2_AE_200.png AdverseEventsClinicalQuestionTopic001
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