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Documenting Clinical Study Data Collection

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A Framework for Capturing Clinical Data Sets from Computerized Sources McDonald, C. J., Overhage, J. M., Dexter, P., Takesue, B. Y., Dwyer, D. M. Ann Intern Med Variety in Data Reporting
Comparison of information content of structured and narrative text data sources on the example of medication intensification Turchin, A., Shubina, M., Breydo, E., Pendergrass, M. L., Einbinder, J. S. J Am Med Inform Assoc   EMR, chart notes
How to Document a Data Collection UC San Diego Supercomputer Center Online Reproducible Research from online sources
Measuring diagnoses: ICD code accuracy O'Malley, K. J., Cook, K. F., Price, M. D., Wildes, K. R., Hurdle, J. F., Ashton, C. M. Health Serv Res ICD 9: Sources of Error
Quality control in multicentric clinical trials. An experience of the EORTC Gynecological Cancer Cooperative Group Favalli, G., Vermorken, J. B., Vantongelen, K., Renard, J., Van Oosterom, A. T., Pecorelli, S. Eur J Cancer     CT data
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O'Malley: Sources of Error in Study Data Collection