Name Type Size Values Tooltip message
Project Name text 20   Give a brief title.
Resident's Name textarea 20   Give name and contact information for mentor.
Resident's Department checkbox 5 Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology & Pain, Infect Diseases, Hematology/ Oncology, Interns & Residents, NA, Joint Project
Mentor's Name textarea 20   Give name and contact information for mentor.
Mentor's Department checkbox 6 Internal Medicine, General Medicine, Pediatrics, FCM, Infect Diseases, Gastro/ Hepatology, Cardiology/ Cardiovascular, Hematology/ Oncology, Ophthamalogy, Anesthesiology & Pain, Endocrinology, Surgery, Pulm/CC, Nephrology, Dermatology, Biostatistics, Rehab, Patient Care, NA, Joint Mentors
Year 1 Section label   Please complete the Year 1 Section during Year 1 of your Residency Project.
Abstract textarea 100x10   Provide background information about your project.
Literature Review textarea 100x10   Provide three papers you are referencing for your project.
Hypothesis textarea 100x10   Briefly state hypothesis.
Type of Study radio 4 Medical Records Review, Database Extraction, Other Check type of study.
Describe Other text 25   Describe other type of study.
ResidencyYearOne label   IRB Documents  
IRB Submission date     Check date that you are planning to submit your project to the IRB.
Study Classification radio 5 case control, cohort, cross-sectional, NA Pick the epidemiology study classification.
Data Source radio 6 EMR, Chart Review, EMR + Chart Review, Registry, Laboratory Data, Other Check all that apply.
Describe Other Source text 25   Describe other source of data.
Type of Data radio 3 nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio/continuous, categorical, qualitative Check type of data.
Study Preparation label   Go to top of this page and complete the Year One: Study Preparation table.
Year 2 Section label   Please complete the Year 2 Section during Year 2 of your Residency Project.
Data Collection textarea 100X10   Describe your plans for data collection.
List Variables textarea 100 x 10   List variables and coding for variables.
Data Information label   Go to top of this page and complete the Year Two: Data Collection table.
ResidencyYearTwo label   Residency Year Two Documents  
Year 3 Section label   Please complete the Year 3 Section during Year 3 of your Residency Project.
Type of Analysis checkbox 5 Frequency, ANOVA, T-test, Correlation, Chi-square, Regression, Sensitivity, Specificity, NA Check type of analysis you are planning.
Project Keywords textarea 100x10   Provide keywords for your project.