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Date Reported Reported by Problem Encountered Resolution, diagnosis, etc. Date Repaired
August 16 DalePlummer Can't delete topics from Sandbox. The message is "Access check on blah..blah..blah failed. Action "RENAME": access not allowed on web" Need access to AdminGroup Sept 15, 2010
August 17 DalePlummer We have the list of plugins to install. We will update this line when done. A bunch of plugins need to be installed. 31-Aug-2010
September 15 RossBoylan Updates to attachments are not visible to me when I update via the manage link on the attachments table. Possibly a caching/page expiry issue. Problem does not occur at site.  
October 25 DalePlummer The source highlighting plugin does not seem to be working. We get a page that says "Unspecified error" instead of the rendered page. See Seems to be working but see next entry ???
January 14, 2011 DalePlummer Source highlighting and twisty (e.g. for attachment table) interact in a way that breaks the syntax highlighting plugin    
26 Jan 2011 DalePlummer Trash web is quite full. Build a cron job that clears Trash that is, say, more than 30 days old. Done. Jeff made a script to do this. 15 Feb 2011
26 Jan 2011 DalePlummer The CTSpedia logo links to Should probably be just Fixed. Changed definition of WEBLOGOURL in SitePreferences 26 Jan 2011
June 20, 2011 SallyThurston Missing Image 6 and 8 Neither Dale Plummer or Mary Banach could replicate the problem. 21 June 2011

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