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R/S-PLUS Packages/Scripts/Functions

  1. muStat package for multivariate ordinal data (download from CRAN, CSAN
    Knut M. Wittkowski, The Rockefeller University, kmw/at/rockefeller.edu
    maintained by: Tingting Song, ttsong/at/rockefeller.edu
    (see WebServices for the grid-enabled ΅Stat Web server)
    • prentice.test, a generalization of friedman.test and kruskal.test
    • SMN.pvalue, a replacement of the "TDT" for family-based association studies (FBAT)
    • mu.score, a function to score multivariate, censored, and structured ordinal data
  2. Partial Least Squares (R)
  3. R and S-PLUS Packages from the Vanderbilt University Department of Biostatistics
  4. Summarize macro (display in LaTeX or screen) (R)
  5. Generalized Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon rank test to complete longitudinal continuous data
  6. Zero-inflated Poisson like log model with missing data at post
  7. Kappa statistics calculated based on U-statistics
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