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Attachment List Plugin

Displays a formattable list of topic attachments - from any topic - anywhere in a topic.

View permissions are honored: if the user is not allowed to view the referring topic, the attachments are not displayed.

This plugin uses Foswiki:Extensions/TopicDataHelperPlugin

Syntax Rules

  • %ATTACHMENTLIST% - default rendering of the attachment of the current topic
  • %ATTACHMENTLIST{parameters}% - see list of parameters below

Topics to search

Parameter Comment Default value Example
topic Topic name to show attachments of. Possible values:
one topic
a comma-separated list of topic names
a wildcard * to search in all topics in the web; exclude topics using excludetopics
the current topic topic="AttachmentListPlugin", topic="AttachmentListPlugin, WebHome", topic="*"
excludetopic Comma-separated list of topic names to not show the attachments of none excludetopic="WebPreferences, WebHome"
web Web name to show attachments of. Possible values:
one web
a comma-separated list of web names
a wildcard * to search in all webs; exclude topics using excludeweb
the current web web="System", web="System, Main", web="*"
excludeweb Comma-separated list of web names to not show the attachments of none web="*" excludeweb="System"

Attachments to include/exclude

Parameter Comment Default value Example
limit The maximum number of files to display. no limit limit="10"
file Comma-separated list of attachment file names to explicitly show, possibly generated from a search. The files should be attached to the topics passed in topic. Can be used to show just one or two attachments from a topic. none file="ReadMe.txt"
excludefile Comma-separated list of filenames to not show, possibly generated from a search none excludefile="ReadMe.txt"
includefilepattern Regular expression pattern to match filenames to show. For example: the pattern ^[A-Z] will match files which filenames start with an uppercase letter; pattern [0-9] will find files that have a number in the filename. Use prefix (?i) for case insensitivity. none includefilepattern="^(?i)[A]"
excludefilepattern Regular expression pattern to match filenames to hide. none excludefilepattern="^(?i)[B]"
extension Comma-separated list of file extensions to be listed. To find files that do not have an extension, pass special name NONE. none extension="gif, jpg, NONE"
excludeextension Comma-separated list of file extensions to not show none excludeextension="htm"
user Comma-separated list of user names (that have attached an attachment) to be listed. To find attachments where no user is specified, use UnknownUser. none user="ProjectContributor"
excludeuser Comma-separated list of user names (that have attached an attachment) to not show none excludeuser="ProjectContributor, AdminUser, WikiGuest, UnknownUser"
hide Set to "on" to show only non-hidden attachments show all attachments hide="on"
fromdate, todate Date range filter: show attachments between fromdate and todate; dates are specified in format yyyy/mm/dd
fromdate="" todate="2007/09/01" selects all attachments up to 1 Sep 2007
fromdate="2007/12/01" todate="" selects all attachments since 1 Dec 2007
no date filter fromdate="2005/01/01" todate="2007/01/01"
filter (deprecated) Use extension or includefilepattern    

Sort options

Parameter Comment Default value Example
sort Sorts the retrieved attachments on:
name ($fileName)
size ($fileSize)
user ($fileUser)
date ($fileDate)
extension ($fileExtension)
containing topic ($fileTopic)
The sort order can be specified with parameter sortorder.
$fileName sort="$fileDate"
sortorder Lists sorted attachments: ascending or descending. The default sort order depends on the sort type:
descending: default for $fileDate (latest file first)
ascending: default for $fileName, $fileUser and $fileTopic (alphabetically)
see left sortorder="ascending"

Formatting parameters

Parameter Comment Default value Example
format Format string; use the format in the table below. To render images, use format parameter $imgTag (see also plugin setting IMAGE_FORMAT). Plugin setting FORMAT or IMAGE_FORMAT format="   * [[$fileUrl][$fileName]]"
To create a list of images, use: extension="jpg,jpeg,gif" format="   * <a href='$fileUrl'>$imgTag</a>"
separator String to separate listed entries none separator=","
header A header text in case of hits no header header="All files:"
footer A footer text in case of hits no footer footer="Number of files: $fileCount"
alt Alternative text if nothing is found none alt="No files found"

Formatting variables

These variables can be used in the format tag:

Format variable Comment
$fileName Name of the attachment
$fileSize Attachment size in bytes
$fileExtension Attachment extension
$fileIcon Icon image representing this attachment type (see DocumentGraphics) (wraps VarICON around $fileExtension)
$fileComment Attachment comment
$fileUser Who has attached
$fileDate When was attachment attached
$fileUrl URL of the attachment, assumes ATTACHURL path
$fileTopic Topic the attachment resides in
$fileWeb Web the attachment resides in
$viewfileUrl Full path with viewfile as script name
$fileActionUrl Full path of management URL for this file (for changing properties etcetera)
$imgTag Render an image tag using IMAGE_FORMAT; see format parameter above
$imgHeight Height of image in pixels
$imgWidth Width of image in pixels
$hidden 'hidden' if the attachment is hidden, nothing otherwise

These substitution variables can be used in the format, header and footer tags:

Format variable Comment
$n or $n() New line. Use $n() if followed by alphanumeric character, e.g. write Foo$n()Bar instead of Foo$nBar
$nop or $nop() Is a "no operation".
$quot Double quote (")
$percnt Percent sign (%)
$dollar Dollar sign ($)
$br <br /> tag

These variables can be used in the header and footer tags:

Format variable Comment
$fileCount Number of listed files
$fileExtensions Comma-separated list of extensions of listed files


format="| $fileIcon | [[$fileUrl][$fileName]] ($fileSize) | Submitted by $fileUser on $fileDate | $fileComment |<span class='foswikiGrayText'>[[$fileActionUrl][manage]]</span> |"

Output (if installed):

txt Sample.txt (30b) Submitted by ProjectContributor on 22 Jul 2000 Just a sample manage
gif Smile.gif (94b) Submitted by ProjectContributor on 22 Jul 2000 Smiley face manage

Image output

format="<div class='foswikiImage'><a href='$fileUrl'>$imgTag</a></div>"
separator="<hr />"
footer="Number of images: $fileCount"

Output (if installed):


Wabi Sabi
Number of images: 1

Regular expression filter

List all files since 01 Jan 2007, starting with a letter 'a' or 'A'. Note the use of the prefix (?i) for case insensitivity.

header="Files since 01 Jan 2007, starting with a letter 'a' or 'A':"
footer="Number of files: $fileCount"
format="   * $percntICON{$fileExtension}$percnt [[$fileUrl][$fileName]] $fileComment"

Output (if installed):

Files since 01 Jan 2007, starting with a letter 'a' or 'A':

Number of files: 18

Plugin Settings

You can override the default settings for the plugin by defining the following preferences in SitePreferences.

Preference Meaning Default
FORMAT Default format of rendering the attachments \n   * [[$fileUrl][$fileName]] $fileComment
IMAGE_FORMAT Default format of rendering image attachments.
You may specify image height and width parameters - this will read the imaage file and deduct the image size (this will cost performance):
<img src='$fileUrl' height='$imgHeight' width='$imgWidth' alt='$fileComment' title='$fileComment' />
<img src='$fileUrl' alt='$fileComment' title='$fileComment' />
DEBUG If set to 1, writes debugging info to data/debug.txt 0

Plugin Installation Instructions

You do not need to install anything in the browser to use this extension. The following instructions are for the administrator who installs the extension on the server.

Open configure, and open the "Extensions" section. Use "Find More Extensions" to get a list of available extensions. Select "Install".

If you have any problems, or if the extension isn't available in configure, then you can still install manually from the command-line. See http://foswiki.org/Support/ManuallyInstallingExtensions for more help.

Plugin Info

Authors: TWiki:Main.VinodKulkarni, TWiki:Main.SopanShewale (2006), Foswiki:Main.ArthurClemens (2006-2009)
Copyright ©: TWiki:Main.VinodKulkarni, TWiki:Main.SopanShewale (2006), Foswiki:Main.ArthurClemens (2006-2009)
License: GPL
Plugin Version: 22 Jun 2009 (V1.3.3)
Change History:  
22 Jun 2009 V.1.3.3 Arthur Clemens: Fixed call to unreleased internal function openAttachment.
20 Jun 2009 V.1.3.2 Arthur Clemens: Fixed unit tests; for performance, plugin settings must now be done in SitePreferences.
8 Jun 2009 V.1.3.1 ported to Foswiki -- Foswiki:Main.WillNorris
24 Oct 2008 V.1.3 Arthur Clemens: Added sorting on $fileTopic. For performance, attachments are no longer sorted by default; you must explicitly pass the $sort parameter. Added param file to explicitly list attachments. Added special extension placeholder NONE to find attachments that do not have an extension. Major code refactoring. Created unit tests. Various small bug fixes.
17 Oct 2008 V.1.2.7 Fixed bug with undefined todate.
20 Feb 2008 V.1.2.1 - 1.2.3 Arthur Clemens: Fixed error with format tokens on TWiki older than 4.2; by default sort files by name.
20 Feb 2008 V.1.2 Arthur Clemens: Added parameter includefilepattern and formatting parameter $fileExtension. When using parameter sort the files are now secondary sorted on filename. Added decoding of format tokens.
19 Feb 2008 V.1.1.5 Arthur Clemens: Fix display of header.
25 Jan 2008 V.1.1.4 Arthur Clemens: Removed redundant spacing when no header is defined.
04 Jan 2008 V.1.1 Arthur Clemens: Added filter parameters user and excludeuser; added format parameters $fileTopic and $fileWeb.
06 Dec 2007 V.1.0 Arthur Clemens: integrated sort options by TWiki:Main.RohanMoitra. Renamed FileListPlugin to AttachmentListPlugin; changed FILELIST (now deprecated) to ATTACHMENTLIST.
21 Nov 2007 V.0.9.3 Arthur Clemens: added rendering of images; added $fileExtensions and limit.
20 Nov 2007 V.0.9.2 Arthur Clemens: deprecated filter in favor of extensions; added more options.
18 Jun 2007 V.0.9.1 TWiki:Main/AntonioTerceiro: added support for handling hidden attchments.
08 Apr 2007 V.0.9 TWiki:Main.OliverKrueger: added header, footer and alt params.
17 Dec 2006 V.0.8 Arthur Clemens: reworked for TWiki 4.1 and optimized; activated filter parameter, added topic view permission check.
03 Mar 2006 V.0.7 TWiki:Main.SopanShewale: reworked for TWiki 4
11 Apr 2005 V.0.6 TWiki:Main.VinodKulkarni: Initial version
Home: http://foswiki.org/Extensions/AttachmentListPlugin
Support: http://foswiki.org/Support/AttachmentListPlugin
Topic revision: r2 - 23 Jun 2009 - 11:35:11 - AdminGroup
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