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Tagging Instructions

What's so great about tags?

Think of it as super bookmark listings plus super search. Not only can you group similar ideas through tags but you can easily find all the tags displayed as a cloud - size of the tag word tells you the number of pages with that tag. When you click on the tag word in view all tags, you will get a complete listing of the topics that are tagged with that word.

Create New Tag

  • You can add tags to any page. There are no wiki rules for names of tags.
Step 1: Click on create new tag on the top of the page THAT YOU ARE TAGGING.

Step 2: Add any word to the Name of new tag: box. (There are no WikiName restrictions.)

Step 3: Click on "Add tag ...." in yellow box if you want to add the tag to the current page. If you do not want to add the tag to the page you are on, click "Return to..." in yellow box.

*If you did not add the tag to the page where you created it, it is now an existing tag. You will then add an existing tag whenever you want to add it. *

Checking for Tags

If you want to see if a tag exist:

  • Click on the arrow for the drop-down menu on the "Tags:" box*
  • Look at list of "Existing tags:" under name of new tag.*
(Example opens in a new window:) Check for tags.

Add Existing Tags

Step 1: Add an existing tag by checking the drop-down menu box for tags.

Step 2: Click on the + sign to add the tag to that page.


For example, add the Instructions tag to the TestingTags page.

(Example opens in a new window:) From drop-down menu choose tag: Instructions.

Click on + sign next to Instructions in the tag box.

(Example opens in a new window:) When you click on + sign, you see the addition.

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