FORMFIELD -- renders a field in the form attached to some topic


Parameter Description Default
"name" The name of a Data form field  
topic="..." Topic where form data is located. May be of the form Web.TopicName Current topic
format Format string. See Tokens expanded in format below. $value
default Text shown if the field is defined in the topic, but the field value is empty. For example, a text field for which all the content has been deleted.  
alttext Text shown if the field is not defined in the topic (even if it is specified in the form definition). For example, this is used when a field exists in the form definition, but the referring topic hasn't been edited since it was added.  
rev="n" Specify a revision of the topic. If not specified, defaults to the most recent rev (or the viewed rev if viewing an old rev of the same topic)  
Tokens expanded in format:


   default="(no project name given)"
   alttext="ProjectName field not found in form"