ICON -- small documentation graphic or icon of common attachment types

Generates a small graphic image from the set attached to DocumentGraphics. Images typically have a 16x16 pixel size. You can select a specific image by name, or you can give a full filename, in which case the type of the file will be used to select one of a collection of common file type icons. If you specify an icon which cannot be found, the one specified in the default parameter will be used (and if that fails, the else icon will be used)


Parameter Description Default
"filename or icon name" requested icon else
default default icon to use if requested icon is not found  
alt alt text to be added to the HTML img tag  
quote allows you to control the quote used in the generated HTML "


If you find that ICON is producing broken HTML when it is used in another macro e.g. for formatting search results, then this may be because it is using the wrong kind of quotes for the context. In this case you can control the quotes it uses using the quote parameter. For example You can also use formatting tokens such as $quot and $dollar in quote.