USERINFO -- retrieve details about a user


Parameter Description
"name" WikiName or login username. May be a group. current user
format Format string; see below for supported formatting tokens. $username, $wikiusername, $emails
Format tokens that can be used in format:
Token Description
$emails (*) Comma separated list of email addresses known to the user mapper (this would normally be TopicUserMappingContrib). If expanding for a group, then this will be the email addresses of all members.
$username (*) Login username. If expanding for a group, this should expand as unknown
$wikiname, $wikiusername The user's WikiName and Main.WikiName, respectively  
$groups (*) Comma separated list of group membership. Currently only expands for users
$isadmin (*) Has admin privileges (expands to true or false)
$isgroup Is a group (expands to true or false)  
TIP Tokens flagged '(*)' are considered private and are hidden from other users by default.
The standard format tokens are also supported.


With formatted output, using tokens:
%USERINFO{ format="$username is really $wikiname" }%
Expands to: WikiAdmin is really WikiAdmin

Retrieve information about another user. You can use either a wikiname or a username to identify the user. You can only see the restricted information about another user if you are an admin, or the {AntiSpam}{HideUserDetails} configuration option is not enabled. (User details are hidden on this site) :
%USERINFO{ "WikiGuest" format="$username is really $wikiname" }%
Expands to: guest is really WikiGuest