Foswiki's System web The System web of Foswiki. Discover the details, and how to start your own site with Foswiki - The Free and Open Source Wiki. Copyright 2023 by contributing authors <updated>2022-12-05T21:10:44Z</updated> PublishPlugin 2022-12-05T21:10:44Z PublishPlugin Generates a static view of a web, as HTML files on disc, or as a PDF, or as a zip or tgz archive file, or by uploading directly to an FTP server. Th... (last changed by AdminUser) AdminUser PublishPluginControlCentre 2022-12-05T21:10:44Z (last changed by AdminUser) AdminUser PublishWeb 2022-12-05T21:10:44Z This is a template topic for use with PublishPlugin. It illustrates how to set up a topic in a web to simplify publishing. To use it, take a copy of the raw text ... (last changed by AdminUser) AdminUser FastCGIEngineContrib 2022-12-05T20:24:13Z FastCGI Engine Contrib Permits Foswiki to be executed with FastCGI Overview FastCGI is a technology to deliver dynamic web content. It differs from CGI cause it ... (last changed by AdminUser) AdminUser UpdatesPlugin 2022-12-05T20:24:10Z UpdatesPlugin Checks for updates This plugin is used to keep administrators informed of updates to their installed extensions via a pop up message at ... (last changed by AdminUser) AdminUser NatEditHelpText 2022-12-05T20:24:05Z NatEditHelpText Help text for the NatEditPlugin editor About the editor This edit interface is available in two different modes: (1) WYSIWYG (what you see is what... (last changed by AdminUser) AdminUser NatEditPlugin 2022-12-05T20:24:05Z Natural Edit Plugin Description The NatEdit is an wiki editor that helps in learning the TML Language by providing a GUI. By design, this is not a wysiwyg editor... (last changed by AdminUser) AdminUser NatEditWordHelpText 2022-12-05T20:24:05Z NatEditWordHelpText Help text for the NatEditPlugin editor * * * * * * * B = Bold * I = Bold * _ = Underline * = Strike * l... (last changed by AdminUser) AdminUser JQueryAjaxHelper 2022-02-22T08:19:19Z JQueryAjaxHelper This page contains a set of example JQueryPlugin helpers that can be used in wiki applications. The examples demonstrate how you can dynamically ... (last changed by ProjectContributor) ProjectContributor JQueryLoader 2022-02-22T08:19:19Z JQueryLoader %JQPLUGINS{"loader" format=" Homepage: $homepage Author(s): $author Version: $version " }% This plugin allows to reload parts of a p... (last changed by ProjectContributor) ProjectContributor JQueryPlugin 2022-02-22T08:19:19Z JQueryPlugin Description "jQuery is a fast, concise, JavaScript Library that simplifies how you traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and a... (last changed by ProjectContributor) ProjectContributor JsonRpcContrib 2022-02-22T08:05:54Z JsonRpcContrib Summary This package implements a JSON RPC 2.0 protocol to interface with Foswiki and its plugins. In contrast to the normal REST interface of Fo... (last changed by ProjectContributor) ProjectContributor PreferenceSettings 2022-01-27T17:58:29Z #SettingPrefs #PreferencesMacros Preference Settings A preference setting lets you define a simple macro that will be expanded in your output. In addition: *... (last changed by WikiAdmin) WikiAdmin JQueryUI 2022-01-21T12:08:02Z JQueryUI %JQPLUGINS{"ui" format=" Homepage: $homepage Author(s): $author Version: $version " }% Widget collection for jQuery. This is the officia... (last changed by ProjectContributor) ProjectContributor WebLeftBarWebsList 2022-01-14T22:10:03Z This topic is included from the WebLeftBarExample and other WebLeftBar topics, to provide a dynamic list of webs accessible to the current user. Webs meeting the ... (last changed by WikiAdmin) WikiAdmin ManagingWebs 2022-01-14T21:13:50Z Managing Webs Browser based rename, move, copy, and delete for individual webs %ADDTOZONE{"head" text=" #createWeb .col1 {float:left; width:30%; margin:0 3% 0... (last changed by WikiAdmin) WikiAdmin