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Contributor/Contact Northwestern Student 4
Assist_Us 2 = Not really useful
Assist_Us_Comments Clumsy. Can\x92t easily figure out where to find the info. All of the drop down screens are techno-backwards. 2012=apps!
Statistical_Tools 3 = Maybe useful a bit
Statistical_Tools_Comments I like the \x91Inspiring Graphics\x92 section but it does not provide a program to recreate these presentation methods. The rest of this section is clumsy.
Statistical_Graphics NA
Biostatistical_Assistance 1 = Not useful at all
Biostatistical_Assistance_Comments I would not need someone\x92s data sets unless I became stats prof or teacher \x96 highly unlikely.
Help_for_Clinical_Researchers 5 = Very useful
Help_for_Clinical_Researchers_Comments This is the most valuable and usable section on the web site in particular the Biostat section: common biostats problems is a major refresher for the major topics in stats. The explanation of K grants is a good resource, all the info one needs is there.
Educational_Materials 2 = Not really useful
Educational_Materials_Comments Not that helpful. The ethics section had a single interesting case of an ethics dilemma, but was pretty obvious what the problem was. The links to NIH lectures did not appear that helpful to me and I would not use them in my free time while web surfing for educational purposes.
Reproducible_Research 4 = Definitely useful
Reproducible_Research_Comments I think once methodology section is built up, particularly the \x91statistical analysis plan\x92 section, this will be a good resource. There are not amny occasions in which one writes this except for his/her own study, so seeing good and bad examples would be very helpful to the less experienced researcher.
Ethics_in_CTS_Biostatistics NA = Not applicable
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