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Contributor/Contact Northwestern Student 5
Assist_Us 3 = Maybe useful a bit
Assist_Us_Comments Nothing really to comment since this is just an amalgamation of general information. The Rstudio things seem interesting, but from clicking on the link didn\x92t know what all that stuff was so had to google it up.
Statistical_Tools 4 = Definitely useful
Statistical_Tools_Comments Liked the available macros. Only for SAS and R which is fine but I don\x92t know if there are any available STATA or SPSS that some people use. Maybe links or guides to using these programs better would be nice.
Statistical_Graphics NA
Biostatistical_Assistance 5 = Very useful
Biostatistical_Assistance_Comments Some of the most valuable things here and probably if someone was randomly searching would end up on the site looking for these tools and information. Definitely this section can be fleshed out with more tools or information about them.
Help_for_Clinical_Researchers 4 = Definitely useful
Help_for_Clinical_Researchers_Comments Some of the articles quite interesting. For instance I was interested in the geocoding one. Maybe some articles or links on more detail on how to do some of the studies or calculations that are proposed.
Educational_Materials 4 = Definitely useful
Educational_Materials_Comments The links to the educational material have way too many links to get to and page just seems messy. However, content good. Also like the NIH videos.
Reproducible_Research 3 = Maybe useful a bit
Reproducible_Research_Comments Would not necessarily look at regularly but if needed, has hood material.
Ethics_in_CTS_Biostatistics NA = Not applicable
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