Web-based Interactive System for Study Design, Optimization and Management (WISDOM)

WISDOM [for Web-based Interactive system for Study Design, Optimization, and Management] aims at providing investigators with integrated design, compliance, and biostatistics support during all stages of research”[6]*, from power calculations to data sharing, by acting as a ‘knowledge broker’ between various independent software packages, including Oracle\xAE (data base management), REDCap (the REsearch Data Capturing project coordinated by the Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, Nashville), μStat (a grid environment and program packages developed by Tingting Song with support from RU IT under Dr. Wittkowski’s direction, providing Web access to resources for novel nonparametric statistical analyses of multivariate data), S+\xAE (general purpose statistics), iRIS™ (clinical research study management).

In January, 2007, a group of consultants from Insightful Corporation was hired to evaluate the existing WISDOM prototype, attest to the feasibility of the planned developments, and write an implementation plan. In their May 1, 2007 report, the consultants summarized and concluded:

WISDOM is accessible as part of the CTSPedia WebServices