Bulk Reset Passwords

Administrators can use this topic to reset any number of user passwords.

Users whose passwords are reset with this will be sent an e-mail at the address recorded in the Foswiki password system. The administrator will not be told the new passwords. Each user will receive an email with a new random password, along with a link they can then use to reset the password.

Note. This page loads the user table 50 users at a time. To load the page for all users click here (Caution: very long running on large systems) Or pass in the desired pagesize in the URL.

Follow these two steps:

Select users [Toggle all]

WikiName Reset

Note if you don't see all the users you expect in this table, make sure their home topic has an attached UserForm. This is used to identify users.

Write message

This text will be sent to users in their "reset" e-mail. The login name and password will be filled in automatically.

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