Homepage: http://foswiki.org/Extensions/JQueryPlugin
Author(s): Michael Daum
Version: 2.20

Flexible and non-obstructive star rating. This plugin turns an HTML <input> element into a star rating widget. The design is heavily influenced by System.JQueryRating by Fyneworks.com bit requries considerably less HTML markup which is of advantage with high precision ratings.



There are two ways to make use of this plugin, either as part of a DataForm definition (see Formfield rating) or writing HTML yourself.


<input class='jqStars' 
       disabled />

The json object in data-values can either be a plain array of values such as in

<input class="jqStars" 
       value="I like it" 
       data-values='["very low", "low", "substandard", "standard", "superior", "I like it", "quite good", "good", "very good", "excellent"]' 

... or an array of objects of the form {"label": "value"}:

<input class="jqStars" 
       data-values='[{"very low":"a"}, {"low":"b"}, {"substandard":"c"}, {"standard":"d"}, {"superior":"e"}, {"I like it":"f"}, {"quite good":"g"}, {"good":"i"}, {"very good":"j"}, {"excellent":"k"}]' 

Formfield rating

The jquery stars plugin is used to implement a rating formfield. Here are some examples:

Name Type Size Values Description Attributes
Rating1 rating 5      
Rating2 rating 1 very low, low, substandard, standard, superior, I like it, quite good, good, very good, excellent    
Rating3 rating 10     split="2"
Rating4 rating+values 1 very low=1, low=2, substandard=3, standard=4, superior=5, I like it=6, quite good=7, good=8, very good=9, excellent=10    

The Size column specifies the number of stars. If Values are defined as well, their number will overwrite the Size value. Note, that the Attributes column will be used to parametrize the jquery.stars plugin.


default settings

read only

10 stars

10 stars, split 10

10 stars, split 100

named values

mapped values