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Dataset Title Lee Life Dataset (LeeLife.dta)
Contributor/Email GregoryStoddard
Acknowledgment Please cite the appropriate contributors/authors/contacts when using or adapting these materials.
Description of Source This dataset is listed in the survival analysis textbook by Lee (1980, Table 3.5, p.31). The data originally came from Myers (1969).

Lee ET. (1980). Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis. Belmont CA, Lifetime Learning Publications.

Myers MH. (1969). A Computing Procedure for a Significance Test of the Difference Between Two Survival Curves, Methodological Note No. 18 in Methodoligcal Notes compiled by the End Results Sections, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland.
Description of Dataset The data concern male patients with localized cancer of the rectum diagnosed in Connecticut from 1935 to 1954. The research question is whether survival improved for the 1945-1954 cohort of patients (cohort = 1) relative to the earlier 1935-1944 cohort (cohort = 0).
Codebook id study ID number

cohort 1 = 1945-1955 patient cohort
0 = 1935-1944 patient cohort

interval 1 to 10, time interval (year) following cancer diagnosis
11 = still alive and being followed at end of year 10

died 1 = died
0 = withdrawn alive or lost to follow-up during year

See Also Appendix 1 - : Stoddard GJ. Biostatistics and Epidemiology Using Stata [unpublished manuscript] University of Utah School of Medicine, 2009.

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