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CDISC-FDA Pilot Datasets

See CDISC-FDA Pilot Datasets

Vanderbilt Datasets

See Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University, Biostatistics Datasets

Listings of Other Contributed Datasets

Dataset Title Contributor/Email Link to Dataset
Births Dataset ( GregoryStoddard
Evans County Dataset (evans.dta) GregoryStoddard
Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV) dataset (fev.dta) GregoryStoddard  
Framingham Heart Study (2.20.Framingham.dta) GregoryStoddard  
Lee Life Dataset (LeeLife.dta) GregoryStoddard  
MI Dataset (mi.dta) GregoryStoddard
Resting Metabolic Rate Dataset (rmr.dta) GregoryStoddard  
Smoking Cessation Study (smoke.csv) GregoryStoddard  
Wright Low Birthweight Dataset ( wright_lowbw.dta ) GregoryStoddard  
Vaso Dataset (vaso.dta) GregoryStoddard  
Thorough QT comma delimited ascii file RichardAnziano Anziano_SAS_tqt_ASCII_File
Thorough QT SAS transport dataset RichardAnziano Anziano_tqt_SAS_transport_file
Vital Signs Comma Delimited ASCII File RichardAnziano Anziano_Vtials_ASCII_File
Vital Signs SAS Transport Dataset RichardAnziano Anziano_Vitals_SAS_Transport_File
Tripsim RichardAnziano Tripism CSV File
QTc Profile Dataset Richard Anziano Anziano TQt Profile Dataset

Contribute a Dataset

newtopic Contribute a new auto-numbered dataset

Click on button: "Contribute Dataset" and complete requested information.

Sample Code Book

This is an example of a code book made from a dataset.

Importing SAS Transport Files into R

Reading and writing SAS transport files in R can be done with the package "SASxport". To import SAS transport files into R we use the function read.xport(). For example, the following code can be used to read in a file from a URL:

adae = read.xport("")

Documentation for this package can be found at

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