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Dataset Title Wright Low Birthweight Dataset ( wright_lowbw.dta )
Contributor/Email GregoryStoddard
Acknowledgment Please cite the appropriate contributors/authors/contacts when using or adapting these materials.
Description of Source This dataset, in a more condensed form, came from Stata\x92s website by using the command \x93use\x94. It can be found in Wacholder (1986), who got it from Wright et al. (1983).

Wacholder S (1986). Binomial regression in GLIM: estimating risk ratios and risk differences. Am J Epidemiol 123:174-184.

Wright JT, Waterson EJ, Barrison PJ, et al. (1983). Alcohol consumption, pregnancy and low birthweight. Lancet 1:663-665.
Description of Dataset The dataset concerns 900 birthweight outcomes and risk factors attributable to the mother.
Codebook Variable Labels
lowbw low birthweight delivery
1=yes 0=no
alc mother\x92s alcohol drinking frequency
1=Light, 2=Moderate, 3=Heavy
smo mother smoked
1=no 2=yes
soc mother\x92s social status
1=I and II (lower), 2=III (middle), 3=IV and V (upper)
\x93male\x94, \x93female\x94

See Also Appendix 1 - : Stoddard GJ. Biostatistics and Epidemiology Using Stata [unpublished manuscript] University of Utah School of Medicine, 2009.
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