Reference List for Statistical Graphics


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Author Title Contributed by
W.S. Cleveland Visualizing Data. Hobart Press, Summit, NJ, 1993. Susan Duke
W.S. Cleveland Elements of Graphing Data. Hobart Press, Summit, NJ, 1993. Susan Duke
P. Murrell R Graphics. Chapman and Hall, Baco Raton, FL, 2006.  
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A.M. Nicol, P.M. Pexman Displaying Your Findings American Psychological Association, Washington, DC, 2010 Mary Banach


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Author Title Link Contributed by
O. Amit, R.M. Heiberger, and P.W. Lane Graphical approaches to the analysis of safety data from clinical trials. Pharmaceutical Statisitics. 2008. 7:20-35. external Susan Duke
Swihart, Bruce J; Caffo, Briana; James, Bryan D.; Strand, Matthew; Schwartz, Brian S; Punjabi, Naresh M. Lasagna Plots external RichardForshee
Cox, N. J. Graphing Distributions external RichardForshee
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Pocock, S.J. (2008) How to interpret figures in reports of clinical trials external Andreas Krause

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Reference Contributed by
R Graph Gallery  
Robert Allison's SAS Graph Library  
Table or Graph? It's the Design that Counts Susan Duke
R for SAS/SPSS/Stata Users, Graphics, Traditional Richard Forshee

Slides from Presentations

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Title Where Presented Contributed by Slides
General Visualization Principles 2nd International Symposium on Biophamaceutical Statistics, Berlin Fabrice Bancken Bancken_Berlin_2011
Communicating Clinical Trial Results the Statistical Graphic Way JSM 2010 Seattle, WA Mat Soukup Soukup_JSM_2010  
Graphical Approaches for Safety Signal Detection FDA September 2010 Mat Soukup Soukup_FDA Meeting_2010  
Collaboration: Challenges and Opportunities for Biostatisticians DIA Annual Meeting 2010 Mat Soukup Soukup_DIA_2010  
CTSpedia: A Colloborative Working Environment DIA Annual Meeting 2010 Mary Banach Banach_DIA_2010  
The Use of Collaborative Environments DIA Biostatistics Meeting 2010 Mat Soukup Soukup_DIA_Biostatistics_2010  
DIA Statistics SIAC Collaboration Opportunities DIA SIAC 2010 Jerald Schindler Schindler_DIA_2010  
A Community Repository of Program Code OTS All Hands Meeting 2010 Mat Soukup Soukup_OTS_2010  
A Case Study for Community of Practice: GSK\x92s Graphics Team Invited Session DIA Annual 2009 Susan Duke Duke_Communities_2009  
General Visualization: Concepts and Examples DIA 23rd EuroMeeting 2011 Fabrice Bancken Bancken_Visualization_EuroMeeting_2011  
Comparing Like with Like   Andreas Krause Krause_ComparingLikewithLike_2011  
General Principles, Illustrations and Wiki Resources for Improving Your Statistical Graphs DIA 2011 Brenda Crowe Crowe DIA 2011  

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