Foswiki Site-Level Preferences

This topic defines site-level settings that apply to all users and webs on this site.

ALERT! Note: This topic should be regarded as read-only, so that upgrades can safely overwrite it without risk to your customizations.

Preference settings local to your site should be set in Main.SitePreferences (this topic is pointed to by {LocalSitePreferences}, which is set by the admin in the configure interface). Settings in Main.SitePreferences will override settings in this topic, and should be used for defining custom settings.

Read more on how to set preferences.

Default Web Preferences

ALERT! NOTE: These are just defaults; don't change them here. Instead, add them to the WebPreferences topic in each web

Default User Settings

ALERT! NOTE: They are typically redefined in the individual users topic. eg. WikiAdmin.

Deprecated editor settings

These settings are overridden by an editor cookie that is set when using the Sizing and font buttons on the lower right corner of the edit window. These settings will be ignored once a FOSWIKIPREF cooke has been set. They have been removed from Foswiki 2.0.

== to linefeed (3 spaces for bullets).
   * $comment: <br />
     <img src="%ATTACHURLPATH%/$fileurl" alt="$filename" $size />

Platform Settings

Search Settings

TIP Customize the Search and Jump boxes at the top of the page by customizing the WebTopBar. See PatternSkinCustomization#Top_bar and WebTopBarExample.

E-mail Settings

Registration configuration options

Add user to group during registration

Note, this feature also must be enabled on the UserRegistration page by adding extraField_groups to the optionalFields section. See UserAuthentication#Custom_registration_page for more information.

Change of Password Message


TIP NOTE: Changing cache behaviour with these settings should not be necessary and may cause cache-related problems. These settings do not affect proxy caches.

Extension Settings



Skin icons



Legacy support

Plugins Settings

Rendering Shortcuts Settings

      * Set YELLOW = <span class='foswikiYellowFG'>
      * Set ORANGE = <span class='foswikiOrangeFG'>
      * Set RED = <span class='foswikiRedFG'>
      * Set PINK = <span class='foswikiPinkFG'>
      * Set PURPLE = <span class='foswikiPurpleFG'>
      * Set TEAL = <span class='foswikiTealFG'>
      * Set NAVY = <span class='foswikiNavyFG'>
      * Set BLUE = <span class='foswikiBlueFG'>
      * Set AQUA = <span class='foswikiAquaFG'>
      * Set LIME = <span class='foswikiLimeFG'>
      * Set GREEN = <span class='foswikiGreenFG'>
      * Set OLIVE = <span class='foswikiOliveFG'>
      * Set MAROON = <span class='foswikiMaroonFG'>
      * Set BROWN = <span class='foswikiBrownFG'>
      * Set BLACK = <span class='foswikiBlackFG'>
      * Set GRAY = <span class='foswikiGrayFG'>
      * Set SILVER = <span class='foswikiSilverFG'>
      * Set WHITE = <span class='foswikiWhiteFG'>
      * Set ENDCOLOR = </span>

Miscellaneous Settings

Access Control Settings

Accessible configuration items

Note that any configuration variable accessed via QUERY must be included in the definition of {AccessibleCFG} in configure (expert setting)

Creating New Preference Settings

You can introduce new preference settings and use them in your topics and templates. There is no need to change the Foswiki engine (Perl scripts).

ALERT! The sequential order of the preference settings is significant. Define preferences that use other preferences FIRST. For example, set WEBCOPYRIGHT before WIKIWEBMASTER since the copyright notice uses the Wiki administrator e-mail address.

ALERT! In order to protect your custom preferences from being overwritten when upgrading the System.DefaultPreferences topic, it is recommended that all custom settings are defined in Main.SitePreferences.

Protected System Settings

The following macros are declared final to protect them as read only. These are system macros that should never be attempted set or altered in any preference topic or topic settings.

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